Permaculture, in my own words

Our final activity at the Spiral Ridge Fall Permaculture Design Course was to define Permaculture for ourselves. My thoughts: What is Permaculture? At it’s most basic, it’s a way to provide for your needs. When you get into it, though, it turns out to me much more.
It is a way of thinking, designing, and creating abundance that encompasses the sum total of responsible and regenerative farming, cradle-to-cradle living, and ethical decision making. It incorporates old school knowledge and cutting edge techniques to feed, shelter, and care for people. When people are talking about how to fix the world, permaculture is the solution that most people have never heard of.

5 Related goals:

1. Plan to facitste a PDC in 2016.
2. Write more instructional posts from here out.
3. Improve/create network with reliable and organized Permaculturists.
4. Experiment/implement key line design (more on this later)
5. Create full on designs for every property I can affect.

Published by

Scott Church

Leadership, Permaculture, Technology, Wellness. These are things I want to bring into the world, so I write, talk, and think about them a lot. I want my son to grow up in a better world than the one we have, and I want to have fun creating it for him.

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