Portfolio of Scott Church

I am a human-centric designer for technology,  landscapes, and lifestyles. Safety, efficiency, and enjoyment are the primary goals of my work. This website contains descriptions and links to selected projects from my work and school history. Selecting a project will take you to its description.

Robot Vacuum Human Interaction

Human-computer interaction analysis and recommendations for robot vacuum interfaces and usability.

Business Website Consult

Working with a business owner to develop a website for a holistic medicine practice to acquire new clients.

Sustainable Homestead Design

Presentation of a human-centric design for an intentional community managed urban farm.

Logistics Facility Controls and Displays

The popularity of online commerce has put tremendous pressure on package handlers and shipping facilities. This report describes improvements to an existing workplace.

Tesla Human Factors Engineering Analysis

Improving the Tesla driving experience using human-centric thinking and design considerations.

OSHA Farming Website Analysis

Agriculture is a dangerous business. What tools are available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and how good is their website at helping those who need it the most?