Why Resilient Sustainability?

I tell all my students to write down their goals. This simple act is powerful – it puts a thought into the world in a way that can be observed, contemplated, and revisited later. I write goals because it makes me more likely to achieve them. The activity serves as a form of introspection and metacognition, allowing me to think through my planning process, and examine my beliefs motivating my action. I believe ensuring that goals are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-oriented) helps  So, I’ll enumerate some of my own goals for this site here.

I will…

-Capture and report quality insights from where leadership, permaculture, technology, and wellness intersect

-Provide a unique perspective, examining concepts and ideas from my multiple viewpoints (leader, father, entrepreneur, intelligence analyst, military, suburbanite, occasional maniac)

-Report lessons learned and real-time updates on what is working and what isn’t

-Explain how to those wanting to do some of the things I do

-Encourage others to act for the betterment of this world, and the world our children will inhabit

-Connect with both like-minded and contrary individuals

-Entertain, especially if you like slapstick and/or how chickens are really little dinosaurs

-Post weekly

Flower Tunnel of Love
Flower Tunnel of Love

OK. That’ll do it for now.



2 thoughts on “Why Resilient Sustainability?

  1. Had a blog for a while; it was a good way to keep random family members up to date on my life. Then it became a drag to update and ended up feeling like I was tooting my own horn a bit too much. Scrapped it.

    You do have lots of ideas though, so you probably need an outlet of some kind. I just muse about how to get a turbo to work on my 440…

    Also I’m really just here to read the funny comments (the purely supportive ones aren’t that funny). Good luck!


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